Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mitsubishi Motors Launches Delica D:2 New Compact Minivan [JP]

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Mitsubishi Motors Launches Delica D:2 New Compact Minivan

Tokyo, February 24, 2011 - Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) announced today the launch of its all-new compact minivan Delica D:2. It achieves compact body yet having roomy interior space, as well as it features many convenient essences such as sliding rear doors on both sides and various seating arrangements. This Delica D:2 uses a fuel-efficient 1.2L engine mated to CVT, with all models eligible for Japanese domestic eco-car tax reduction of 75%. Delica D:2 goes on sale at affiliated dealerships throughout Japan from March 10, 2011, carrying a tax-inclusive price tag ranging from ¥1,393,000 to ¥1,779,000.
Mitsubishi Delica D:2

The product basis of this new Delica D:2 are "spacious", "convenience", and "eco". It will be placed as an entry model within MMC's multi-featuring minivan series of "Delica", lined up along with a full size minivan Delica D:5.
Now, Delica D:2 is an OEM model from Suzuki Motors Co.

2011 Suzuki SOLIO

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


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Wednesday 23rd February 2011

~ Mitsubishi ASX gains 5-star rating at Euro NCAP Comprehensive 2011 ~

Less than a year after its successful market introduction in Europe, the Mitsubishi ASX compact crossover confirms the excellence of its engineering with the Euro NCAP crash test results released today, a 5-Star (new protocol) achievement that will add to ASX’ many virtues.

In detail, ASX’ impressive performance reads as follows1:

* Adult occupant: 86 %
* Child occupant: 78 %
* Pedestrian: 60 %
* Safety assist: 71 %

This high level of built-in passive safety comes as a result of a very comprehensive safety package including items such as:

* Shape optimisation of the octagonal-section straight front side members for better energy absorption.
* “Triple-leg” bearing structure linking the rear end of the front side member with the dash cross center and lower members to efficiently disperse frontal impact energy.
* Front section of the side members featuring a crush box structure that absorbs impact energy to prevent its transmission to the full length of the member in low-speed impacts. This minimises damage to the body as a whole and reduces repair costs.
* Reinforced girdle body construction - in which side member reinforcements are welded together. Highly effective in absorbing crash energy in frontal, rear and side impacts.
* Use of high-tensile steel (see above) reduces weight and increases stiffness.

All these measures (and more) complement Mitsubishi Motors’ proprietary RISE (“Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution”). As a reminder, RISE is meant to integrate and interconnect structural elements for an active protection of the passengers during an accident. This design brings dramatic advances in multi-directional impact safety performance, dispersing energy loads during front, side and rear crashes and controlling distortion.

In parallel, the very good 60% rating for pedestrian safety results from the implementation of further items, such as:

* Bonnet design featuring a double bulge (creating a crushable zone for pedestrians)
* Open section construction of the windshield support
* Plastic front wings
* Energy absorbing front bumper (leg injury mitigation)

Beyond - courtesy of the all-inclusive electronic architecture of its “Project Global” platform - ASX also offers the full palette of active & passive safety devices, including (availability according to model and market):

* Active Stability Control
* Traction Control
* Hill Start Assist system
* Electronic Brake Distribution
* Brake Assist
* Emergency Stop signal System
* Up to 7 airbags (incl. driver knee airbag) depending on market and version

Introduced in Europe late Spring of 2010, ASX has already won over 22,665 customers in the region during CY2010.



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Wednesday 23rd February 2011

~ Mitsubishi i-MiEV gains 4-star rating at Euro NCAP 2011 ~

When first launched in Japan in July 2009, the Mitsubishi i-MiEV became the first electric car in regular series production from a major manufacturer, available to world markets. Today, it also becomes the first electric vehicle to be crash-tested by the renowned Euro NCAP organization: a milestone further enhanced by a 4-star rating / new protocol.1

Going mainstream
Excellent as such, this result vindicates the view Mitsubishi Motors took when developing this next frontier vehicle: whilst ambitious in its technology, it shall remain mainstream in its daily use whether through the ease of driving, the performance and the convenience it offers.

Obviously, this includes the guarantee of a level of passive & active safety similar to that of an IC-engined car - the direct result of a thorough development process accumulated over 500,000 km of testing that only a major manufacturer like Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) could commit.

Making the best use of MMC’s advanced mid-ship architecture, i-MiEV is powered by a compact and lightweight motor and a pack of high-energy density lithium-ion batteries safely located within a long 2.55 m wheelbase.

In this respect, Euro NCAP’s comments on the integrity of i-MiEV are eloquent: “No problems were experienced with the high voltage electrical system which powers the vehicle: the battery was properly isolated from the body shell and was not damaged during the tests.”

Recently launched in 15 European countries, the Mitsubishi i-MiEV has already surpassed MMC’s sales expectations in the region (about 3,000 units shipped as of end of January 2011) and with highlights including # 1 spot in the A-Segment in Norway. This year shall see a further introduction, in North America.


Friday, February 18, 2011

Forbes names versatile and sporty Mitsubishi Lancer to its select list of "The Safest Small Cars, 2011" [US]

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Forbes names versatile and sporty Mitsubishi Lancer to its select list of "The Safest Small Cars, 2011"

Thu, Feb 17, 2011 - CYPRESS, California -Mitsubishi Motors North America, Inc., (MMNA) is honored to have its best-selling Lancer compact sports sedan - a consumer and media favorite for its outstanding combination of style and value - recognized by renowned business and lifestyle publication Forbes as one of its choices of "The Safest Small Cars, 2011."

Forbes bases its selection process heavily on crash test data compiled from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), an independent nonprofit research and communications organization that is funded by the automotive insurance industry; the 2011 Mitsubishi Lancer received the IIHS's highest rating in all of the agency's crash test evaluations including high-speed front and side crash tests, rollover test and seat and head restraint protection against neck injuries in rear impacts.

"We greatly appreciate major publications like Forbes recognizing our efforts in making all of our vehicles – in this case our very popular Lancer sports sedan – as safe as possible," said Mitsubishi Motors North America President Shinichi Kurihara. "This reflects very well the hard work done by all of our highly skilled engineers and designers in the pursuit of safety."

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mitsubishi i-MiEV now available in around 200 locations in Germany for test drives [DE]

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Mitsubishi i-MiEV now available in around 200 locations in Germany for test drives

* Agency Sales and Service prepared for Electric Mobility
* Training courses run
* First electric vehicle coverage available

Hattersheim 15 February 2011 - at around 200 locations in Germany are now test driving the Mitsubishi i-MiEV possible. Thus, the Mitsubishi i-MiEV is the first electric vehicle, the coverage is available in Germany.

Sales in Germany via a network of Mitsubishi agency partners, which will be gradually expanded to around 400 locations. Next, everyone interested the opportunity to test within about 30 miles a Mitsubishi i-MiEV.

Each Mitsubishi Motors agency partner can be certified as Green-proven Mitsubishi Mobilty Center. Condition is a multi-day, special training for electric vehicles, which is supported by the Mitsubishi Motors Trade Organization offered. Thus, the so-qualified companies are also able to perform the maintenance and repair work correctly and safely. The qualified agency partners so that the first stop on e-mobility in the particular region.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Outlander Family makes 5 new Guinness World Records

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Mitsubishi Celebrates Historic Feat - Outlander Family of All-Wheel Control Vehicles Break Five Guinness World Records® within 24-Hour Period

Wed, Feb 09, 2011 - CYPRESS, California - Mitsubishi Motors North America, Inc., (MMNA), today announced its Outlander (SUV) and Outlander Sport (CUV) have become the most awarded family of all-wheel drive vehicles by breaking five Guinness World Records® within a 24-hour period by any vehicle in its class. This historic feat becomes the latest marketing campaign for Mitsubishi, demonstrating the company's spirit of innovation and highlighting their sophisticated All-Wheel Control System.

Together with its agency of record, 180 Los Angeles (180LA), MMNA put the vehicles' handling to the test on frozen Ghost Lake near Calgary, Alberta, Canada with record low temperatures of -13° Fahrenheit. The goal was to showcase the sophisticated technology and capabilities of these vehicles. Driven by stuntman Garvin Cross who has appeared in dozens of movies and as a stunt double for Daniel Craig, the two vehicles broke the following records in 24 hours: 1. Greatest distance driven by a vehicle in reverse on snow in 30 seconds; 2. Shortest braking distance by a vehicle on ice; 3. Most vehicle figure eights on ice in two minutes; 4. Fastest vehicle slalom relay on ice; and 5. Fastest driven square lap. "The spot clearly captures the incredible capabilities of our unparalleled all-wheel control system on our advanced Outlander family of vehicles, now even more relevant given the recent unpredictability in the weather," said VP of Marketing, Greg Adams.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

MMNA and Bloomington-Normal EV Task Force Announce a Partnership in Support of the EV Town Initiative

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Mitsubishi Motors North America and the Bloomington-Normal EV Task Force Announce a Partnership in Support of the EV Town Initiative

Japanese automaker and local municipality established an alliance to help usher in the era of the electric vehicle

Fri, Feb 04, 2011 - NORMAL, Illinois - Taking the first major step toward fulfilling its goal of getting 1,000 electric vehicles on local roads by 2014, the Bloomington-Normal Electric Vehicle Task Force joined with Mitsubishi Motors North America on Friday, February 4 to announce Mitsubishi's commitment to make its electric-powered vehicle Mitsubishi "i" a significant part of the local electric vehicle mix. Mitsubishi Motors North America President Shinichi Kurihara announced that the company has committed to supplying 1,000 of its new, fully electric Mitsubishi "i"s to the Bloomington-Normal community by 2014. Local deployment of the Mitsubishi "i" is slated to begin in late 2011, with at least 300 units of the electric vehicle supplied to the community per year.

Governor Pat Quinn also joined with President Kurihara to announce a Memorandum of Understanding between the State of Illinois and Mitsubishi. The MOU memorializes the commitment of both parties to maintain a strong, mutually supportive relationship as Mitsubishi continues its role as a critical player in the state's manufacturing base.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mitsubishi Motors Announces Outlander Sport Will Be Built in Normal, Illinois Plant [US]

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Mitsubishi Motors Announces Outlander Sport Will Be Built in Normal, Illinois Plant

Fri, Feb 04, 2011 - NORMAL, IL - Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) today announced that production of the Outlander Sport Crossover Utility vehicle will begin in mid-2012 at the Mitsubishi Motors North America (MMNA) plant in Normal, Illinois.

An announcement ceremony at the plant this morning was attended by dignitaries including MMNA President Shinichi Kurihara, Illinois Governor Patrick Quinn, and UAW International President Bob King. Prior to the media announcement, a separate event for all MMNA employees was held on the factory floor with the same dignitaries in attendance.

The Outlander Sport went on sale in North America in November of 2010. Outlander Sport is a very well-equipped entry-level crossover that offers desirable features such as standard Bluetooth, available 40 gigabyte hard drive navigation, and available all-wheel drive. Outside of the United States, Outlander Sport is also badged as RVR and ASX, and represents Mitsubishi Motors' latest offering to the globe's fastest growing automotive segment, entry-level crossover. The vehicle is built upon the same highly flexible vehicle platform that underpins the Lancer compact car and Outlander SUV which are sold globally. Mitsubishi Motors North America anticipates adding production of Outlander Sport by mid-2012. Kurihara added "With the new model, the plant will have better utilization, and, of course we will see improved efficiency when we eventually consolidate to one model with higher production volume. I fully expect this plant will strongly improve its performance further down the road".

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


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A move that is part of the vision for sustainable development

Montreal, January 26th, 2011 – Today, South West borough Mayor Benoit Dorais unveiled the borough’s brand new electric car, a Mitsubishi i-MiEV. “The South West borough is the first borough in Montreal with an entirely electric car that can be driven on any road, including the highway, as it can reach speeds of 120 km/h. Our car will turn heads with its unique styling that is customized to the borough”, said the Mayor.

Ten times cheaper than a gasoline car

The South West borough negotiated a partnership with Mitsubishi Canada to test the vehicle. Using an i-MiEV could be ten times cheaper than using a gasoline-propelled vehicle. Over the next year, the i-MiEV will be used by an employee who travels approximately 12 000 km per year in start-and-go traffic. The experiment will allow us to measure the savings both on gas and on maintenance, while reducing to zero greenhouse gas emissions and used oils. The car will be charged on a 120-volt circuit within the borough road network. The i-MiEV is propelled by a lithium-ion battery instead of a gasoline engine, and is therefore, very quiet. In addition, it can travel approximately 120 km on one charge.

Other green measures

Real estate developers are encouraged to plan for electrical charge ports for drivers who will turn to green transportation in the near future. The new Pixcom building on Saint-Patrick Street will be the first one to integrate an electrical charge port. “In the last year, we have started several projects to improve air quality and reduce heat islands. This car is part of our vision for sustainable development for the borough. We start 2011 with a palpable move that adds to the other ecological measures we are already taking”, added Mayor Dorais.

The borough took many additional measures, including outfitting 65 % of its heavy and light truck fleet with off-switches that activate after idling for 10 minutes, therefore reducing CO2 production. Two of the three borough’s Zambonis are electric and the third will be converted within the next few weeks. In addition, the borough took part in the In Town without my car! event, closing a section of the Atwater Avenue, and borough meetings are now paperless. Finally, within the heat island reduction project in the Saint-Pierre collector, citizens will have access to a green area where cars will have to yield to pedestrians.
The South West borough will soon start a contest to name the car.